By working with composite materials, production facilities of Ebusco have a unique approach to producing Ebusco buses. With a cleverly designed factory, Ebusco is able to quickly scale up and be flexible in adopting new models and innovations.


Ebusco has currently 2 types of electric buses in production, Ebusco 2.2 and Ebusco 3.0.

Both models can be produced in varies configurations from 10,5 until 18 meter Low entry and low floor.

Dutch quality product

Production Ebusco 3.0

The Ebusco 3.0 is being produced in 4 steps. First, beams are produced with one main component; carbon fibre. In order to make the carbon fibre beams, Ebusco had to develop in-house braiding machines and carefully designed moulds. Second, composite parts of glass fibre are bonded with the carbon beams. Together they form the side panels. These side panels are going through our foam machine who injects foam between the glass fibre parts. With this foam, the parts are airtight which leads to high insulation values and noise reduction. Third, the bus will go through different assembly stages where amongst others, axles, electric wiring and in/exterior are assembled. Last, before every bus leaves the factory, a thorough inspection takes place including quality check, test drives and installation of client-specific IT and systems.


Production Ebusco 2.2

The Ebusco 2.2 is being assembled in our factory in Xiamen, China with almost exclusively European parts. To conform to our European quality standards, a team of experts and excellent knowledge are located in Xiamen. After the bus is completely assembled, the Ebusco 2.2 is shipped, depending on the location of the end user, to the plant in Deurne where IT and customer-specific instruments are built in. After final checks and tests, the bus is cleared to be delivered to our customers. Depending on the location of our customers, the buses will be either transported or driven to the end location to even further reduce our footprint. The same applies to the delivery of the Ebusco 3.0.

Hoofdkantoor Ebusco

Iso certified

Ever since our establishment in 2010, quality has been our priority. Ebusco is ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified. Our electric buses are also continuously tested.