All-in-one services for optimal driveability and reliability.

By providing pre-delivery training and service and operational instructions, we offer you all the tools to get your bus operation off to a good start. To make sure all buses stay in optimal condition, Ebusco Live is put in place. A real-time monitoring system to track charging activities and battery status. As Ebusco we provide a comprehensive solution that covers all your maintenance & repair needs under one roof.


Full-Service contracts

  • A comprehensive solution that covers all your maintenance & repair needs under one roof
  • Ebusco take care of all materials & labor for entire maintenance & repair activities
  • Guaranteed availability and reliability rates
  • Fixed cost per kilometer (CPK) for entire duration of the contract with clear scope
  • Detailed responsibility matrix for both parties, so NO surprises during the contract


Service contracts for supply of spare parts

  • Ideal for operators with furnished workshops and skilled workshop personnel
  • Ebusco undertakes to supply spare parts for the entire maintenance & repair activities
  • Simplified process, less administrative work and increased efficiency
  • Fixed cost per kilometer (CPK) for entire duration of the contract with clear scope


Service contracts for Preventive Maintenance

  • Service Contract only for preventive maintenance with relatively lower CPK
  • Identify and address potential issues early on to avoid operational disruptions
  • Ebusco performs the scheduled maintenance based on maintenance plan & norm times


Service contracts for HV System

  • Ideal for operators only experienced with maintenance & repair of diesel buses
  • Ebusco provides all types of maintenance & repairs for the high voltage system with fixed cost
  • No customer investment in skilled personnel and new tools & equipment


Spare parts Supply

Spare parts Supply

  • Spare parts availability during the entire service life of the buses
  • Next day delivery to most cities in Europe
  • Central warehouse in the Netherlands, multiple spare parts hubs throughout Europe
  • Online portal with customer specific parts lists, parts catalogues in customer language
Service information & Operational instructions

Service information & Operational instructions

  • Driver manual, electrical safety manual, vehicle recovery instruction, maintenance schedule, maintenance & repair manual, training documentation and more to guide our customer
  • Ebusco dedicated service information team to make sure service information is tailored to customer specifications & demand
  • Online access to service information available in customer language on customer portal
  • Authorized users can download customer specific manuals and schematics at one location


  • Standard warranty of 2 years or up to 200.000 km, whichever comes first
  • Optional extended warranties for entire vehicles and various system
  • Ebusco field service engineers and authorized service partners for warranty repair
  • Hassle-free, simple process for warranty claims through online customer portal
Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

  • 24/7 help desk for troubleshooting and on call support against operational disruptions
  • Remote Diagnosis: Distance is not a barrier for Ebusco. Thanks to Ebusco Live, our engineers can access your buses, diagnose issues and guide you through the troubleshooting process
  • Breakdown Intervention: Our team of experienced field service engineers is proficient in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of technical issues to keep your operations running smoothly
  • Rapid Issue Resolution: We understand that time is of the essence. Troubleshooting services designed to provide prompt solutions, ensure minimal disruption and high uptime rate
Ebusco live iPad

Ebusco Live

Ebusco Live is the real-time monitoring system for all buses. It shows among other things the battery status and the average efficiency. These data are essential for concessions and for operators in order to optimise the operation of electric buses as regards range, efficiency, emission reduction and performance.

Our After Sales engineers analyse the performance of all buses on a daily basis and pass on the useful information gained from Ebusco Live and our customers to our development department to make our products better and better.

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