At the moment we are producing the Ebusco 2.2 and the Ebusco 3.0 buses. Quality is a core value of Ebusco that is deeply embedded in our design, production and assembly processes.

European quality product

Ever since our creation the quality of our buses has been our prime concern. We are certified in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 and most of our components come from European A-grade suppliers.

While the 2.2 is assembled in China (component supply from the Netherlands) under supervision of a Dutch quality team, for the 3.0 we have set up the entire production process in the Netherlands. With a team of motivated, enthusiastic people we work every day for the best result.  The Engineering and Product Development teams are also based in Deurne. These teams are focused on continuous innovation and development of both current and future buses.

ISO certified

Ever since our establishment in 2010 quality has been our priority. Ebusco is of course  ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified. We continually carry out tests on our electric buses.

Finishing and final checks in Deurne, the Netherlands

When the buses are practically finished we ship them in containers to Deurne, the Netherlands where we put the finishing touches to them in our own workshop. Final checks are carried out and then we deliver our buses to our customers.

Production of the Ebusco 3.0 completely in-house

As well as the current model (Ebusco 2.2) we are busy with the development of an entirely new bus: the Ebusco 3.0. This game changer is expected to go into production from mid-2020. This bus will be produced 100% in Deurne, the Netherlands.

Light-weight Ebusco 3.0

Weight is one of the most important components in E-mobility. The Ebusco 3.0 is made of composite materials, which will save about 3,000 kg (!) which is around one third of the total weight of a bus. As a result of this weight reduction a bigger range can be covered with the same battery capacity.