ZES opts for a turnkey package with Docking Solutions, Discharge Station and Charging Station from Ebusco

Ebusco Energy Storage System (ESS) Render
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All-electric mobile shore power installation boosts the electrification of inland shipping

Deurne, 29 August 2023 – Ebusco (Euronext: EBUS), a pioneer and leader in the development of electric buses, battery storage and charging systems, has secured a total of three new orders from ZES. These include a Discharge Station, Charging Station and up to fifteen Docking Stations. Consequently, Ebusco contributes to a turnkey solution for the electrification of the inland shipping industry.

Zero Emission Services B.V. (ZES) supplies interchangeable energy containers for new and existing inland vessels. These energy containers, so-called ‘ZESpacks’, are used to power ships and can easily be replaced at one of the exchange and charging stations once empty.

Although ZES had previously purchased energy containers, the company still needed a charging solution. Following a tender process, ZES therefore awarded a contract to Ebusco to supply ten Docking Solutions, with an option for five more. The Docking Solutions will be deployed to charge ZESpacks, allowing them to power vessels during transit.

Peter Bijvelds, CEO of Ebusco, commented, “After an extensive tender process, we are delighted to be working for ZES once again. We already have significant experience with heavy-duty batteries in the bus industry and are proud to now apply this knowledge to the electrification of inland shipping. By combining our knowledge, we will ensure that the sustainability of shipping gains momentum.”

Plug-and-play solution: all-electric mobile shore power installation

Besides a charging solution, ZES was also looking for a way to provide shore power to ships during loading/unloading. For this, the choice fell on an Ebusco Discharge Station in combination with a Charging Station. The shore power facility consists of a 20-foot container containing electrical equipment, which can be used to supply ships with power during loading/unloading.

Remarkable is the fact that it is a plug-and-play solution. The Discharge Station is not connected to the public electricity grid, but used in combination with energy containers, allowing the station to be moved easily. The six ZESpacks required for this purpose can in turn be charged by the Charging System, which can charge several energy containers at once via a 20-foot container.

When the complete solution from ZESpack to charging station is not used for inland navigation, it can be used to balance the power grid. Balancing electricity supply and demand is essential to increase the resilience of the power grid as the share of renewables, with more variable output, increases.

Bart Hoevenaars, CEO of Zero Emission Services, adds: “We already know Ebusco as a reliable partner with a deep understanding of batteries and are therefore looking forward to collaborate once again. With the purchase of several Docking Solutions, a Discharge Station and Charging Station, we are taking an important step towards a complete ecosystem for zero-emission shipping, taking us one step closer to zero emission.”