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eBussed interreg Europe project
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E-BussED is a new European INTERREG project which runs from August 2019 to the beginning of 2023. In this research project, six different regions of Europe will share their experiences in order to speed up the transition to electrified bus transport and bus networks. From the Netherlands, Utrecht is represented by the Province of Utrecht together with the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The Province of Utrecht is currently working hard to achieve its ambition of 100% zero-emission (ZE) bus transport by 2028.

Ebusco is involved as a regional stakeholder, since Ebusco has already put a ZE bus operation in place with the Province of Utrecht. There have been 10 Ebusco electric city buses on the road in Utrecht for over two years now, and 20 more new electric regional buses will be added at the beginning of 2020.

The E-BussED project addresses four topics:

  • Drivers of and barriers to the introduction of e-buses;
  • The technology: charging infrastructure, batteries, sustainable production and storage of electricity;
  • The user interface: the role/experiences of drivers and passengers;
  • Business models and contracting: issues relating to market operation, the division of roles, forms of contract, financing etc.

The six European regions taking part in this project are:

  • Finland, Turku
  • Germany, Hamburg
  • Italy, Livorno
  • Hungary, Tolna
  • Malta, Gozo
  • The Netherlands, Utrecht

Ultimately, other EU regions must also be able to benefit from the knowledge gained in this project.

In association with the regional stakeholders in the Netherlands, there are various national knowledge organisations and others which play an important role in the transition to Zero Emission Bus Transport and can ensure that broader knowledge can be contributed by and disseminated to affiliated parties. These are: City of Utrecht, City of Amersfoort, Qbuzz, Syntus, Ebusco, Heuliez, BYD, EVOBUS, Heliox, ABB, Stedin, Elaad, Energie Nederland, NVDE, DOVA, CROW, PDOVS.

Ebusco is proud to be able to make its contribution to this European project, particularly in the areas of the charging infrastructure, battery technology and the experience it has already gained with e-buses in Europe.
The official launch took place at the Utrecht Provincial Government Building on Friday, 22 November 2019.

We will provide regular updates on the learnings within this project.

More info: https://www.interregeurope.eu/ebussed/