Bus drivers’ experience with Ebusco 2.2 electric bus on the road from Utrecht to Maastricht (NL)

bus driver Barry
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Barry van der Laan is a bus driver that experienced driving in the Ebusco 2.2 electric bus.

In this video he shares his experiences and thoughts. In actual fact any driver will tell you that electric driving is the future.


It’s quiet and it’s comfortable.
It’s comfortable because you don’t hear the bus changing gear any more. It’s just very fluid. And the fact that we can now make a trip without recharging is a huge benefit.

What I really think is great about these buses is that the batteries are low down. Road-holding is much better because of it and the bus doesn’t heel over when you corner.

Something you do have to take into account is that the bus isn’t just quiet on the inside: it’s also incredibly quiet from the outside. But you’ve got a pedestrian bell here to warn the traffic.

The thing that makes this bus even safer to my mind is that there’s a really big window. Even in the door, the glass goes right to the bottom, so you get a very clear view. That gives you a sense of security.