Training by Ebusco

Driving safely and working safely. Working with electric buses instead of diesel takes a bit of getting used to for both bus drivers and workshop personnel. Ebusco therefore has various training courses to accompany personnel during the implementation phase. Once drivers and workshop personnel have followed these courses, electric buses no longer hold any secrets for them. So the buses can be safely driven and responsibly maintained.

Training for workshop personnel

The transition from diesel engine to electric motor is often a new experience. That’s why there are training courses at different levels. Ebusco accompanies the personnel step-by-step so that they can fully absorb this new knowledge. There are no fewer than five different courses available for personnel. They are in ascending order from basic knowledge to advanced technical knowledge.

An important, separate course in the package is the High Voltage Training. Working with electric buses, high battery capacity and therefore high voltage can be very dangerous. Safety first is the motto for this training. After this training the workshop personnel can work safely and responsibly with the electrical components of the bus.

Ebusco has many well-known European suppliers. As a result for many components the associated maintenance is already known to the workshop personnel.

Content of the workshop training courses

  • Working safely with high voltage
  • Electric drive-line
  • Mastering the charging system
  • Basic maintenance, such as annual inspections
  • Replacement of parts
  • All knowledge needed to be able to perform day-to-day activities, including urgent ones

Training for bus drivers

Safely on their way. Some bus drivers find the idea of driving an electric bus stressful. For them we have developed our driver training course. Under the guidance of experienced bus drivers working for Ebusco, the personnel find out for themselves how easy it is to drive an electric bus. Drivers can then take to the road with confidence and self-assurance while ensuring the safety of their passengers and other road users.

Content of the driver training courses

  • Charging the buses
  • How to drive an electric bus (practical and theory)
  • How to drive as efficiently as possible
  • Safety for all
  • The workplace, how the dashboard works
  • Working Conditions: How to make sure you have a comfortable workplace