Schunk has become a key supplier for Ebusco

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For Ebusco, Schunk will be supplying pantographs and HPC rails for depot charging. The pantograph permits the recharging of vehicles of various heights in just seconds with a single charging current collector and very high-power transfer. It can be customized to individual customer demands as well as to all existing recharging infrastructure. All the reasons above have led to an official partnership in between Ebusco and Schunk.

Introducing Schunk

The Schunk Group is an international technology group employing around 9,000 people in 29 countries. The company is a leading supplier of products made of high-tech materials – such as carbon, technical ceramics and sintered metal – as well as machines and systems – from environmental simulation and air conditioning to ultrasonic welding and optical machines. Turnover of the Schunk Group was €1.2 bn in 2020.

For railroad applications and electric vehicles, Schunk develops customized individual products and system solutions that enable safe and efficient power transmission. With Schunk Smart Charging, the company offers a broad portfolio of charging solutions that can be individually tailored and optimally integrated into the existing infrastructure of electric buses and industrial vehicles. The new Depot Charger, offers now an efficient overnight charging alternative to Schunk’s existing portfolio of charging solutions on the line.

Our partnership

Pantographs are only installed by the request of the customer. Usually, Ebusco works with depot charging to reduce the weight of the bus as much as possible as well to enlarge the battery lifetime. With the high range that Ebusco standardly offers with depot charging, this is in almost all cases more than sufficient. Buses with pantographs can be used if the customer wishes to use opportunity charging and if the customer wishes to achieve a larger range than the standard. Also a combination of opportunity charging and depot charging can be realized. When customers ask for pantographs for depot charging with the panto down principle, Ebusco is now able to offer a reliable partner. 40 to 50 percent of the Ebusco buses of Connexxion, part of TransDev, already have a Schunk pantograph on the roofs of the buses. Ebusco and Schunk have decided to start a more formal collaboration and partnership. From now on Schunk is a key supplier of Ebusco. Whenever there is a demand for pantographs in the sales process, Ebusco will make a proposal with Schunk’s products. This saves a long negotiation process with different suppliers and will allow Ebusco to be able to help customers more efficiently and quicker.

‘’The level of ambition, willingness to deliver and flexibility is exactly the reason why we are so excited to partner up with Schunk’’  Nick Waterloo, production lead China.

“This partnership bundles the innovative strength of both Ebusco and Schunk, we are proud to be part of their path to a more sustainable future” Ton de Jong, managing director Schunk Carbon Technology BV