Ebusco® deploys top executives directly from the public transport industry

Mr Schmeink - Michel van Maanen
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DEURNE- Electric bus Manufacturer EBUSCO based in Deurne (The Netherlands) strengthens its management team by deploying Bart Schmeink and Michel van Maanen, two truly experienced, and former top managers in the world of public transport to their organization.

‘’EBUSCO wants to completely integrate, and understand the general philosophy of the public transport business even better, to make sharper, and more competitive offers for future tenders’’ says Peter Bijvelds CEO of EBUSCO.

Mr Schmeink will be installed as ‘’Strategic Director’’ in the management team from the company that recently moved into their new Office, R&D Centre, and assembly

space in Deurne. Mr. van Maanen will be the new ‘’Commercial and Operational chief Executive’’.


Mr Schmeink was CEO for the past five years of urban transportation company Connexxion. He was also member of the board of directors from the French multinational Transdev. Earlier in his career Schmeink was the Director of the public transport company GVB of Amsterdam for two years.

Michel van Maanen was active for many years for Transdev as Interim CEO and Performance Director in Portugal, France and Australia.

With the arrival of the two executives the management team is fulfilled. Besides Bijvelds,van Maanen and Schmeink, are Tjaard Sijpkes (CTO) and Paul van Beers (CFO) part of the top management.

Rapid Growth

EBUSCO strengthen its management team due to the company’s quickly expanding business activities lately. The amount of daily operating Electric city buses will rise from 40 to 180 buses this year. Recently EBUSCO won several big tenders, the largest one is 60 buses for the cities of Groningen & Drenthe.