Ebusco 3.0 Innovation Label winner at Busworld 2019

Busworld Innovation Ebusco 3.0
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Ebusco has won the prestigious and internationally well-known Innovation Award at the Busworld convention in Brussels. Ebusco has won this award with their latest prototype, the so called Ebusco 3.0, made from composite parts.

The jury was very impressed with this prototype as it is convinced Ebusco has reached a new milestone in the development of emission-free driving in public transport. This by applying new techniques and materials in the production of its buses.

With a multifunctional team of key experts, who have earned their spurs in the field of aerospace, automotive and electronics, Ebusco has developed an innovative fully electric bus, which largely consists of composite parts. Composite is a combined material made of at least two constituent materials with different physical or chemical properties. This makes the bus even 33% lighter without compromising on robustness, stiffness or safety. The bus is able to cover distances up to 500 km’s with one charge. With this new development, Ebusco peers with diesel fuelled buses, however without the emission, without high fuel costs, with much higher comfort, better safety and more space for passengers.

Ebusco is attending at Busworld from the 18th of October until 23 October, where u can meet our award winning Ebusco 3.0. Please visit us at Patio, P1.