Ebusco 3.0: another game changer in the electric bus industry

Ebusco 3.0
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Once again, Ebusco has reached a new milestone in the development of emission-free driving in public transport. This by applying new techniques and materials in the production of its buses. This results in a weight reduction of 33% and the ability to reach a distance up to 500 km’s with one charge. With this new development, Ebusco peers with diesel fuelled buses, however without the emission, without high fuel costs, with much higher comfort, better safety and more space for passengers.

Ebusco has broken many records and is with the Ebusco 2.2 already producing a very attractive bus that reaches a range of up to 450 km with a battery package of 423 kWh. With the new Ebusco 3.0, Ebusco continues to innovate and is applying technologies and innovations from the aviation and aerospace industry.

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