Danish transport is getting greener again: 2 buses for Holbaek, Denmark

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Ebusco has landed its second order in Denmark this year. This time, 2 Ebusco 2.2 regional and city buses in Holbaek, Denmark.

2 new buses

2 12-metre buses will be delivered in October 2021. The buses will be delivered to operator DitoBus. Ditobus Linjetrafik, as well the overall Ditobus group, wants to be part of the green transition and is aiming to be as carbon neutral as possible. That’s why DitoBus has chosen 2 buses of which one will be completely yellow and one will have the design above. The Ebusco 2.2 12-metre buses have a 432 kWh battery and a range of 300km. DitoBus has opted for the 2-door buses with a maximum capacity of 80 passengers. These buses are also used to transport regional traffic; the low entry bus is ideally suited for this purpose. In order to provide the guests with all the comforts, this bus also has USB connection and wifi. The buses will be deployed in their current city bus network this autumn and will besides operationally use, also be used to gain experience with the city buses of the future.

This pro-active approach states the willingness of the Ditobus group to invest in zero emission transportation of people, which fully fits with the Ebusco goals.

About DitoBus

DitoBus is a Danish operator with more than 60 years of experience who works mostly with door-to-door transports, corporate visits, study-, holiday-, ski-, or business trips. DitoBus excursions also provides additional services such as guided tours, catering etcetera. DitoBus is characterised by: Positivity, togetherness and quality. Which they also want to have reflected in their buses. It is a part of DitoBus’s ambition to contribute to a reduction in CO2 emission, which they hope to do by using electric buses in Denmark.

About Ebusco

Ebusco is a Dutch manufacturer of electric city and regional buses. Ebusco is a pioneer and frontrunner in the development of electric buses and charging systems. There are now almost 300 electric Ebusco buses in Europe, including in the major cities of Amsterdam, Munich, Frankfurt and Paris. With the award-winning Ebusco 3.0, the company has once again taken a revolutionary step and is truly the driving force behind the transition to zero emission public transport.