Kick off bus concession Groningen-Drenthe with 164 new electric buses

Kick off GD2020
13 December 2019
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13 December 2019
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Sandra Maas
Sandra Maas

During the Kick-off on Friday, November 29, 2019, Fleur Gräper-van Koolwijk (member of the Provincial Executive for the province of Groningen and chairwoman OV-bureau), Gerrit Spijksma (managing director of Qbuzz) and Cees Bijl (member of the Provincial Executive for the province of Drenthe and board member of OV-bureau) presented the new fleet of electric buses to the outside world.
This concession starts on Sunday December 15, 2019 and has a duration of 10 years.
During an interview in the Ebusco 2.2 bus Gerrit Spijksma explains the collaboration with Ebusco.

More information about the bus concession GD2020


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