His Majesty the King will open Ebusco’s new factory hall

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His Majesty the King will open Ebusco’s new factory hall in Deurne on the afternoon of Thursday 28 October. Ebusco is a developer and producer of electric bus transport. State Secretary Van Weyenberg of Infrastructure and Water Management will also be present and give a speech.

Since 2012, Ebusco develops, produces and distributes emission-free electric buses and charging systems with the aim of promoting the transition to sustainable and affordable transport ecosystems. A transport ecosystem refers to the entire process of making electric transport possible: from charging infrastructure, energy storage and battery development to the development of new transport models. For the new bus model, the Ebusco 3.0, the company is bringing production to the Netherlands. In the new factory hall, the buses’ bodywork is made of carbon fibre composite, among other things. This lightweight material is based on space technology. In addition to its lighter weight, the bus is distinguished by its greater kilometre range and longer service life. The factory will have a production capacity of five hundred buses a year by 2022.

The King will attend the opening programme, which will focus on the importance of the energy transition and smart, local manufacturing, and will then open the production hall. Afterwards, he will be given a tour of the building. Employees will explain the various stages of the Ebusco 3.0 production process. Finally, King Willem-Alexander will talk to Ebusco employees and business partners about the broader perspective on energy transition and their view of the electric bus transport chain in particular.