Ebusco among the finalists of the Automotive Innovation Awards 2021

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The finalists of the Automotive Innovation Award 2021 are announced. The jury had a monstrous task of choosing six finalists out of ten nominees.  The six contenders are of a very high level and in line with an article published in a major national newspaper about the key position of the Netherlands in the automotive industrythat the Netherlands is brimming with innovative power, knowledge and added value. Even when the innovations still have to conquer a permanent place in the market. 

The 6 finalists are divided over 2 categories: 

Technology (product-oriented innovations): 

  • Ebusco – EBUSCO 3.0 

The EBUSCO 3.0 is a bus made entirely of composite materials and is therefore more durable, efficient and 33% lighter than a conventional bus.   

  • InkInvent – Rheolight 

Rheolight is a ground-breaking coating that improves the visibility of large and small vehicles and enhances road safety. 

  • SafeDrivePod – SafeDrivePod 

SafeDrivePod enhances road safety by automatically blocking the use of phones while driving. 

Services (mobility solutions such as apps, sharing concepts and data): 

  • ALD Group – ALD Move 

ALD Move responds to the trend for flexible mobility solutions. The innovative credit system also promotes the sustainability of the solution.   

  • PowerD – PowerD 

PowerD offers smart charging solutions for electric cars so that they can be charged when electricity is generated sustainably.    

  • TomTom – Hazard warnings 

For autonomous driving, Hazard Warnings combines various data sources to provide a real-time picture of hazards on the road and warn the driver. 

Our place in the final

Peter Bijvelds“We are very proud of our participation and that we can be among this list with our 3.0 composite bus. As a company, we have worked very hard in recent years to combine aviation industry techniques and bus technology to create a fully composite bus and we are very proud of the result.” 

Established and new names

The award ceremony takes place on 20 September at the Amsterdome in Amsterdam. There, the winners will be announced who will soon have a place in the gallery of honour together with wonderful winners of the previous editions of the AIA. For example, Moby Park (2015), TomTom, NXP and Dutch Green Carbon (2017) and Punch Powertrain, Monotch and Lightyear (all 2019) won their respective categories.   

Jury member Jan Peter Balkenende

“The Netherlands is a leading country in Europe when it comes to innovation, especially in the automotive sector. The strength of the industry is underlined by the innovations that are in the finals of the Automotive Innovation Award 2021. They are all strong entries. To remain successful, you have to keep innovating, even in these uncertain times. The industry understands that. The six finalists contribute to making mobility more sustainable and safer. It was precisely these elements that weighed heavily in our decision. Whoever the winners are, I look forward to congratulating them soon. The future of the Netherlands and the automotive sector looks very promising thanks to this type of innovative player.”