Visitor safety instructions

Dear visitor,

Welcome to Ebusco B.V.

Ebusco is committed to safety, health, well-being and the environment. Therefore, we inform you of the guidelines you need to follow. Please read the information below carefully and ask any questions to your Ebusco contact.

  • You will always be accompanied on site by your Ebusco contact, who will be responsible for you during the visit. If you come to carry out work, this may be deviated from, and other guidelines may apply.
  • Comply with the set safety rules and follow instructions from your Ebusco contact and/or other Ebusco staff.
  • U must visibly wear your visitor’s pass at all times.
  • Immediately inform your Ebusco contact in case of an emergency or call the internal emergency number on +31 (0)97 01 02 87 244.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions of your Ebusco contact and the Emergency Response Team.
  • Making pictures and/or sound recordings is prohibited without prior permission from the Ebusco management.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Additional guidelines apply when entering the operational areas:

  • Only use the green walkways in operational areas. You may only leave these green walkways with the permission of your Ebusco contact.
  • In all operational areas it is mandatory for visitors to wear a white Ebusco safety vest and if you have to go outside the green walkways, you must also wear safety shoes.
  • General traffic rules apply. Pay attention to internal transport movements such as cranes, forklifts and trucks. Never take priority and take others into account.
  • Never walk under a load during hoisting work. Stand aside in time and keep an eye on the load.
  • Do not get near machinery without permission from the responsible Ebusco employee. You may not override or remove safety features.

Ebusco wishes you a safe visit to our company.