Spare parts

An Ebusco bus should be idle as little as possible. Optimum availability of spare parts is therefore crucial. By working closely with operators, logistics partners and service partners, Ebusco ensures the availability and timely delivery of spare parts.

Bedrijfspand Ebusco in Deurne

Ebusco's warehouse

3,500 m² warehouse
Ebusco’s warehouse is optimally equipped. With over 3,500 m2 of warehouse storage space, we make sure all parts are well looked after.

Quality assurance
Warehouse staff are trained by Ebusco’s technicians. As a result, they, too, are fully aware of the quality standards our components have to meet. This ensures extra quality control in the delivery process. All parts leaving the warehouse are of excellent quality.

Logistics network in Europe

A network of logistics and service partners guarantees the availability of spare parts in all countries where Ebusco is active. By means of a central warehouse, various subsidiary warehouses and our service partners, we guarantee that parts are delivered to the right place at the right time.

Daily delivery

Staff work in shifts, ensuring that all parts can be shipped out daily. This means that customers never have to wait longer than necessary.


A network of logistics and service partners is ready to serve our customers.

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