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Ebusco is convinced that maintenance required on an electric bus is significantly lower than for a traditional diesel bus. Regular maintenance takes place in years 3 to 5, after which in year 7 or 8 major maintenance takes place, including replacement of the battery.
Ebusco offers various types of service levels/maintenance contracts designed to relieve operators entirely of worries in this regard. This can be for a fixed amount per kilometre per year.

These contracts include the following aspects:

👉 Warranty management

👉 Long-term active monitoring

👉 Performance management for the entire battery system

👉 Monthly analyses with clear reports on the optimal use of the battery and the bus

👉 Tips for improvements

All with the ultimate goal of ensuring the longest and best life-cycle cost of the battery and the bus.

Maintenance options

  1. The fixed Ebusco After Sales team provides service and maintenance for all Ebusco buses.
    This team consists of international specialists in the fields of electricity, automotive and engineering. We provide after-sales service on-site or in our own workshops in Deurne.
  2. Co-operation regional partners Europe
    We also work together with regional partners in various European countries who provide on-site maintenance.
  3. Training
    We provide training for operators’ mechanics so that they can carry out maintenance of Ebusco electric buses themselves.

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