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Ebusco Deurne
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16 October 2018

Ebusco provides opportunities for interns and graduates in the field of Engineering, Operations, (Supply Chain) Management, Marketing & Sales and more. In addition to the positions available and defined, we offer space to think about a project that fits your desired career path. During this process you will be coached according to your technical and personal goals by one of our professionals or board members.

Estimation of decay of Li-ion cells using Theoretical models and Real Time Data
Studying of the state-of-the-art models, understanding the recorded data and deriving a way to estimate the decay of capacity of the battery cell.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for an Electric bus
Develop a HIL testing setup for an electric bus which will aid in testing of various real time scenarios.

Production automation
Help us by automating our production processes to ensure on-time delivery to our customers (For example PLC Controlled vacuum system)

Thermal efficiency
Investigate thermal behavior of our driveline and create insight in where thermal losses occur. (Reduce thermal losses, insight in required cooling capacity etc.)

Autonomous driving
Support in creating a roadmap towards autonomous driving. (Is our sensor package complete? Do we have to change from hydraulic to fully electric components? Etc. )

Big data analysis
All Ebusco busses currently in operation gather a lot of information throughout the day. Investigate if this data can be used to for example predict upcoming maintenance.

Heating & Air-conditioning
On a full battery charge, about half of the energy is used to keep the passengers warm. Investigate if there is any way of reducing the amount of energy that is needed without compromising passenger comfort.

Service level
Even Ebusco busses require maintenance. With that comes the required availability of parts. Investigate what needs to be done to achieve the highest possible service level. (What parts need to be in stock, etc.)

Overall documentation plan
Investigate and make an overall plan for all the documentation which need to be supplied by Ebusco to their customers at new bus deliveries.

Concept design of a modular wheel suspension.
For our future city bus a fully new propulsion concept needs to be defined. A concept study should be done and a way forward should be defined.

Driver crash protection for a city bus.
In current city busses hardly any safety features are present for the driver. One of the goals of our future bus is to drastically improve driver safety. To this end a thorough investigation should be done on this subject. Several
concepts and a way forward need to be defined.

Aerodynamic optimization of a city bus.
The influence of the aerodynamic characteristics of a city bus on the energy consumption should be investigated. Improvement concepts should be defined regarding this subject.

Specific (future) homologation topics
Support our homologation engineer by investigate specific (future) homologation topics at the bus homologation program.

Define your own project at our Electrical department
Ebusco’s electrical department is responsible for defining and implementing all electrical systems and features in the buses meaning both, the high voltage (battery, drive line, etc.) and low voltage (dashboard, multiplexed I/O, etc.)
systems. Depending on your educational background, interest and project duration we can define a challenging hardware and/or software project for you.

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