Our Innovations

Ebusco is continuously in search of possibilities for renewal in order to always have the solution to the future in-house. We do this by talking with our customers, drivers and passengers about their wishes but also by working together with specialised people from various different fields. In this way we arrive at new insights and techniques.

Innovative Camera System

Innovative Camera System

MirrorEye increases safety by covering a greater field of vision than mirror classes II, IV and V. With a better view, you can drive in comfort and maneuver easily in all traffic situations, thereby increasing safety for the driver and other road users.

Replace Exterior Bus Mirrors with an Innovative Camera System »

Automate bus depots

The demand for autonomous charging solutions by means of robots is rapidly increasing. There are still people who think that this is in the far future, but Ebusco, in cooperation with Rocsys, shows that this solution is already available. An important part of the innovative autonomous charging solution is the Rocsys ROC-1. This charging robot ensures that the CCS plug of the depot charger is automatically and 100% correctly plugged into the bus. The advantages of automating bus depots are enormous and diverse: automating the process makes it more efficient and reliable. By automating a small task, we eliminate the risk that a bus would accidentally not be charged in the morning because the plug was not inserted correctly or someone forgot to plug it in.

From January 2022, the ROC will be shown in Deurne.

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Ebusco and Rocsys are working together to automate bus depots »