Our Innovations

Ebusco is continuously in search of possibilities for renewal in order to always have the solution to the future in-house. We do this by talking with our customers, drivers and passengers about their wishes but also by working together with specialised people from various different fields. In this way we arrive at new insights and techniques.

Innovative Camera System

MirrorEye increases safety by covering a greater field of vision than mirror classes II, IV and V. With a better view, you can drive in comfort and maneuver easily in all traffic situations, thereby increasing safety for the driver and other road users.

Replace Exterior Bus Mirrors with an Innovative Camera System »

Automate bus depots

The innovative robot ensures that the CCS plug of the depot charger is plugged into the bus automatically and 100% correctly. “The advantages of automating bus depots are many and varied: automating this process means there is no need for human hands and that has two major benefits. First of all, it saves time (and time is money), but perhaps even more importantly, it eliminates the risk of a bus not being charged in the morning, because someone forgot to plug in the bus or the plug wasn’t inserted properly,” says Peter Bijvelds, CEO of Ebusco.

“A lot of people think that robots are something we’ll have in the future, but we’re proving that they can do the job now. The prototype robot is ready and working. Delivery of the first series of robots will take place in April 2021, after which a demo set-up will be installed at Ebusco in Deurne. A second, larger series is scheduled for July 2021,” says Crijn Bouman, CEO of Rocsys.

Ebusco and Rocsys are working together to automate bus depots »