Company profile

It’s all about clean and silent cities!

Ebusco is dedicated to the development, marketing and sale of fully electric city and regional buses, mainly for the European market. Ebusco is an originally Dutch company based in Deurne, the Netherlands.
Ebusco is a pioneer and a forerunner in the development of electric buses and is now able to offer an electric bus that is cheaper than a diesel bus.

The European Union has set stringent objectives for reducing CO2 emissions in the very near future. The Netherlands is the most progressive EU state in this regard. In 2016 the Dutch government signed an agreement with all public transport providers stipulating that no new diesel buses may be sold from 2025 and that from 2030 no diesel buses will be allowed to operate.

Since the company’s creation in 2012 we have gained extensive experience by supplying more than 150 buses to 15 European cities.
In January 2020 our buses had covered 6 million electrically powered kilometres.
Our city and regional buses have normal timetables and can therefore easily cover 300 kilometres a day on a single battery charge.

Ebusco is a successful scale-up which is growing fast on the back of the successes it has achieved. At present Ebusco employs over 150 people.

Why Ebusco

  • Pioneer in the market for electrical city and regional buses, since 2012!
  • Best battery in the market
    • Range > 350 km
    • No charging infrastructure in cities: overnight charging at depot is sufficient
  • TCO: our Ebusco electric bus is cheaper than a traditional diesel bus
    • Current infrastructure requires very little adjustment
  • Eight-year battery warranty
  • The flexibility of a relatively small organisation; we carry out improvements immediately
  • Forerunner in the development of electric buses (continuous development