Munich (DE)

Munich: SWM & MVG
Munich is one of the most attractive cities of Germany.
SWM (Stadtwerke Munich) is a shaper of an ecological Munich and, together with transport subsidiary MVG (Munich Transport Corporation), is driving the transportation transition. SWM and MVG have joined forces to promote modern and environmentally compatible mobility in Munich.

Innovation partnership
Ebusco has an innovation partnership with MVG/SWM.
München is working together with Ebusco to further innovate. At this moment we work together on the further development of  lightweight electric buses and autonomous driving as innovation partners.

Ebusco buses on the road in Munich

  • As from sept 2017 the first 2 Ebusco electric buses are driving around in Munich
  • In september 2019 another 2 Ebusco electric buses are added
  • In oktober 2020 line 144 has been electrified by 8 Ebusco buses
  • In 2021 also the first 2 Ebusco 3.0 composite buses will be driving in Munich





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buses on the road


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