Frankfurt (DE)

Ebusco will deliver 13 electrical buses to Frankfurt with the Transdev Group in Germany in the end of 2020!

As of the end of 2020, 13 electrical brand new low floor Ebusco 2.2 buses will be in operation in Frankfurt by Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH under the Alpina brand, which will replace the current diesel buses. The Transdev Group is Germany’s largest private mobility provider.

Ebusco is extremely proud to be able to be a partner of Transdev Germany to contribute to the improvements of air quality. The electrical busses of Ebusco do not have any emissions like NOx, CO2 or particulate matters. Transdev has selected Ebusco given the long range of Ebusco busses without having to charge. This reduces the total cost of operations due to charging infrastructure and the reduction of the number of times one has to charge a bus, massively.

About the electric buses
These 13 buses will be the 12 meter Ebusco 2.2 buses, low floor version. These buses have proven already their success in several German cities (amongst others in Munich, Wartburg and on the island Borkum) and in Dutch cities (such as in Groningen, Dordrecht and Utrecht). Another 156 will be driving in the Dutch cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam at the end of 2020, that will be operated by Transdev the Netherlands.



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