Electric buses require a different way of driving, and also a partly different kind of maintenance. Ebusco offers tailor-made training courses for all those who come into contact with our electric buses.

Ebusco provides active training courses for

  1. Drivers
  2. Maintenance mechanics

Training for drivers features the following aspects among others:

👉 Charging the buses

👉 Driving an electric bus (practical and theory)

👉 Help and advice on driving as efficiently as possible*

👉 Safety
Sound (attention; people don’t hear the bus coming) and explanation of dashboard, including digital screen permanently showing consumption information (also amber alert, etc.)

👉 Ergonomics; how to adjust the driver’s seat

👉 Etc.

Manuals are of course also made available to bus drivers for the daily operation of the buses.


Maintenance mechanics

During the maintenance trainings the following aspects will be featured:

👉 Safety
Working with High Voltage

👉 Electric driveline

👉 Managing and maintaining charging systems

👉 Basic maintenance, such as annual inspections (replacement of filters etc.)

👉 Etc.

Manuals are of course also made available to mechanics.

Other training on the bus is seldom required in practice, since 70% of the bus consists of well-known European components. Subject to consultation however, everything is of course possible.

Best practises
View a practical example of a bus driver training here.


* Ebusco® Live is the real-time monitoring system for all buses. It shows among other things battery status and average efficiency. These data are essential for bodies granting concessions and for operators in order to optimise the operation of electric buses as regards range, efficiency, emission reduction and performance. Drivers can be educated with the data gathered while driving and routes can be adjusted following detailed review of the current practical range. The insights provided into emission reduction can be valuable for both political and public perceptions of zero emission results through the use of electric buses.