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That the future of both public transportation and regular transportation is in Electric vehicles and buses, most countries and companies can agree upon now. Peter Bijvelds founded Ebusco 11 years ago already when electric transport was merely a concept.

The origin of Ebusco

Peter was on a holiday in China where he noticed that almost all vehicles and also buses were electric. He was amazed by how far ahead this country was when it comes to electrical transportation and started to toy with the idea in his head that this should also be implemented in the Netherlands and in Europe. In 2010 Peter came up with the idea of Ebusco as a start-up company in a niche market. At the beginning Ebusco learned that the company was founded with a market that did not quite exist yet, the time was not yet ripe. The product started out with “The perfect interaction of all electronic components and a corresponding range” according to Peter Bijvelds. In 2012, two years after the project phase, Ebusco BV was founded because the business model was successful.


“The ING Groep N.V., a Dutch bancassurance service provider, is a partner and investor of Ebusco.” according to Peter. In 2016 ING became a shareholder for Ebusco which came with many more opportunities. “In the Netherlands, leasing is what keeps the bus industry going. Electromobility is comparatively capital intense and poor margins and the ever-increasing digitalisation have changed the market.” Many bus operators have switched to cash-efficient leasing of buses, this is also more advantageous from a tax point of view as equity capital is no longer used as often in the usual form. At ING they recognised the change in the bus industry early on and have started to work with Ebusco. 70% of buses in the Netherlands is now covered with a leasing contract. Many countries apart from the Netherlands are also making similar changes.



From the first prototype in 2012 Ebusco had started developing the buses. In 2016 Ebusco had its first order of 10 buses to Qbuzz in the Netherlands. Two years later, another 37 buses for Qbuzz and from this point on the electric bus market in the Netherlands and in Europe has really started to pick up and grow. In 2019 Ebusco had even landed the largest order of electric buses yet, 156 buses to TransDev. In 2018 Ebusco still had around 40 employees which has grown to almost 200 employees in 2021.


Ebusco now & plans for the future

Ebusco has grown along with the market and the needs of the customers. Ebusco has multiple revolutionary series which work well within the market. The Ebusco 2.2 is on the road the most, the 3.0 is also going to be a revolutionary model with 33% less weight, a longer lifecycle, and a longer range. Similar to the 2-series, the 3.0 will be best in class regarding the TCO. Ebusco has many partners and suppliers that they have worked with for multiple years such batteries from Gotian & CATL,  Continental for the cockpit, axles from ZF, seats by Kiel and the doors by Ventura. 95% of the materials are from Europe and shipped to China. The buses are assembled in China with partner FTBCI. All buses than are transported to Deurne where the additional 30% of this process is done. The buses are finished and optimized before reaching the end-customer.  The plan for the future is that all Ebusco buses will be built in the Netherlands. This process is already started with the 3.0 buses, the production of which will be done fully in the Netherlands. With all of these mentioned activities and changes we aim to contribute to a better living environment by enabling safe, reliable, sustainable, affordable, and emissions-free public transport across the world.




30 September 2022Ebusco news
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